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Vaiox Update

Not just another brick on the wall!

VAIOX is all about connecting you and your space to all of your connections and their space. When talking about all-in-one, it’s not just about getting all your applications in one portal.

Everything we do today is connected. Not just connected to the net, but we share, we like, we collaborate, we co-operate, … So VAIOX also needs to be connected.

That’s why we launched CONNEX! All updates from your connections in one central place.

Vaiox communication platform

Vaiox communication platform

Filter in groups, filter in type of post and organise the updates from connections easily.

But if you want to post something yourself, make it interactive and make it personal. Don’t just post something, ask your audience for interactions. Cause after all, you want your time to mean something.

Oh, and… minor detail, just go and take a look, cause it’s a real slick design!

Have fun posting!

vAIOx is soon live

vAIOx is soon live

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Inside vAIOx

vAIOx Communication platform will get you a high secure platform for all kind of communication and file sharing FREE of 2Gb. Vaiox is the future and the only tool you ever will use very soon. vAIOx will be open for public use in April but right now you can connect with your friends using the vaiox platform.

VAIOX is here for you no matter if you are a big company or small individual and will have all you can imagine and more will come.

Join vAIOx right now here! 

Then log in here! using the same login you used in Iriscall to sign up to log in to vAIOx

vAIOx Communication Platform

vAIOx Communication Platform

Share all files

Share all files

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What is FAN?

What the FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network)?
FAN is a concept consisting of 15 different companies that all work together in the FAN concept
Here you choose what you like to work with if it is marketing, web, investment, trading, communication, etc.

Fan Concept

Fan Concept

You choose if you want to be active in any of the companies or perhaps all of the FAN or as we chose to do to be a passive investor in various parts of the concept
We work with the best experts in the world in the various companies that are now in the last 6 years alone now total 200 employees written all corporate codes from the beginning and has thus created a project that is now open in its entirety April 1, 2017 .

Many of the companies already acts as trade country, trade unity, nexitrade, Micro Max Cash (MMC) Vaiox and Cherry File is available for communication, file sharing, this with an extremely high level of security mm.
You can get help with websites and much more.

GoMarkets in the UK is one of the leading companies in the global market for trading and is one of our partners.

Trading takes place on autopilot and not on the security of our clients, it can be compared with brokers who get paid to all trades regardless of the outcome so this is unique and creates a constant flow of capital.

To understand this concept as a whole and what it will mean for the future and that it will now shortly be a company that is here to stay and the project as everyone sought and hoped to find through the years online, we want to invite you to a private one to one conversation with Gerry Dekans right hand Kristof Schoels from Belgium

Gerry Dekans of the founder is also from Belgium and the company is registered in Dubai

We’ve been working with Gerry and Kristof with many private conversations are now over 1.5 years and we can guarantee you that the company and its owners and partners are of very high caliber and deliver what they promise.

So to get the correct understanding, I will try to get into a conversation with Kristof Schoels for you.

15 minutes of your time as an investment for the rest of your life.

Have a wonderful day!
skype me: intrexium

Join us

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vAIOx and Cherryfile News!

In April 1 all things will be official but right now I like to connect with you in Iriscall and vAIOx that is free and you will get a lot of benefits and will be ready with a huge team all by itself on the on the big day.
Until then, we can share files, talk, have meetings and conference calls and so on.
Join Iriscall FREE Today here

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Do you need Plan B?

If you have a good plan A you won’t need plan B.

Do you need Plan B?

Do you need Plan B?

What are the ingredients necessary for building a successful model of a plan A?

  1. You need a positive attitude.
  2. Set clear goals.
  3. Prepare a work plan for the long term and short term.
  4. You have to believe in what you do.
  5. Do what you love and do it with enthusiasm.
  6. connect the right people, successful people you can contribute value.
  7. Set goals that can be measured.
  8. Work with the daily program when you know exactly what to do every hour.
  9. In order to succeed, you must be willing to sacrifice something and get out of your comfort zone.
  10. confront the things that scare you, then everything goes for you easily.
  11. Get all the failure with love and learn from them.
  12. Do not be afraid to dream big.
  13. Be grateful for all you have.
  14. Education is an important ingredient for success. You need to learn and educate yourself all the time.
  15. Choose the right business for you.
  16. Remember that only you can determine your success!
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Internet Scams

The bloom of Internet scams and what can be done about it?

Internet Scams

Internet Scams

In addition to the good things that the Internet brought to the world, we have also seen negative effects.

One manifestation is the scams are emerging every day, causing financial losses to people.

More damage they cause is the loss of confidence of the people in all related programs to generate income.

Nothing is known is where there is demand there is supply growth.

What contributes to the development of this ugly phenomenon is the desire of people to get rich quick.

So how can we fight this phenomenon?

Internet Scams

Internet Scams

The answer is very simple, we have to stop tempted illogical proposals.

An excellent example is that in the week we encountered a company that offers a gain of 50,000% (fifty thousand) in three days and we really do not understand how people will be tempted to patently unreasonable proposals.

Before you decide to join the irrational proposals will dedicate some time to think if it is even possible?

The amount of legitimate businesses that economic logic behind them is small and therefore we offer no hurry and join before doing research.

You should remember that the power to change is in our hands, let’s use it wisely.

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The New Economy

Until the entry of The Internet into our lives the world economy was run by a small number of people that ruled in most sources of money.

These people hold most of the capital in the world, gaining an influence and political power.

The New Economy

The New Economy

These people work hard to maintain the status quo so as not to lose the power they have accumulated.

The Internet opened up a new world full of opportunities for creating a new economy that allows almost everyone one take part in it.

Old economy will not disappear from the world easily and without struggle and its influence is still significant in many parts of our lives, but we are beginning to feel the change.

A prominent example is the creation of the first encrypted currency, the Bitcoin. The goal was to create a currency that is not controlled by governments or major financial institutions such as banks.

Bitcoin is a striker mark the way for the creation of The New Economy and this process can no longer be stopped.

Fortunity Alliance Network

Fortunity Alliance Network

More and more people realize that they have an excellent opportunity to be part of the change and improve their quality of life.

We are currently witnessing a historic change that will affect the lives of many of us and for future generations.

One of the leading companies that will be a major player in the creation of the new economy is Fortunity Alliance Network (FAN).

To read more about FAN and the unique concept you can visit the website here.

The question is where do you see yourself, do you see yourself Observers or you take an active part in the process? You can join the future here

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Patience is an important element for success.

Patience is important for any success.

Patience is important

Patience is important

Online businesses are complicated sometimes. There are several approaches to managing the business; I’m not going to determine which of them is preferable, but to show that one element characteristic of all – patience.

The first approach is to build a business and get it only after all elements have been tested and found to be an excellent function without all faults.

In this case, the launch could be postponed by several months or even more.

A second approach is to launch the business in order to check the bugs and make repairs while working.

The third approach is to run the business for several weeks / months and then stop for a certain period and fix all the bugs, and only then relaunch.

I’m sure some of you have come across in any of these businesses in the past.

The first approach requires a lot of mental strength and patience than others and is intended primarily for people who see the vision.

Anyway, we needed a lot of patience because there is no perfect business, but in some cases, we discover that patience pays dividends.

Good things come to those who have patience!

Very soon some excited things will come so be patient.

You can join us on this 2 sites and be ready for the excitements to come here!  and  here!

Have a magic day!

Team Intrexium

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Successful Life


In most situations it is negative and humiliating to fail. Nobody wants that.

But fear of success is sometimes greater and more devastating than fear of failure. Some people feel more or less paralyzed, because they fear to fail, which causes them to be passive and unable to do anything at all. They are afraid of taking important decisions that can sometimes change their lives.  

Successful life

Successful life


Whenever they need to take a decision and start doing something relevant, they scan the situation searching for something that can lead to a failure. If they believe that there is even the smallest chance of  failure they will give up.

What causes people to be afraid of success? That is a good question. People who are afraid of success are usually people, who have not experienced enough success in their lives. These people perhaps never have been really successful and have not felt the sweet taste of success. Maybe this is the reason why they are afraid of having a success. Perhaps they haven´t got a clue about what to do with the success.

Perhaps they have heard since they were little kids some negative remarks and limiting rules about how to think and behave from their parents, their friends, their teachers and from other people around them. People have informed them not only about how to think and behave but also perhaps about their chances to become successful in the future.   This can, in the end, lead to a lack of confidence and of knowledge how to deal with success.

First of all, you have to start to believe in yourself, and stop care about what people around you think and say.  Begin with small steps and build the necessary confidence.

Start taking risks carefully and experience the taste of success.  As soon as success comes also to you, you will begin to enjoy it. You will start learning how it is to have success and how to stop being afraid of it.

Success will come to those who believed they could deal with it.

Team Intrexium

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People often think too much and in these day´s, there is som many things online not to be trusted.
If you like to trust something trust FAN and all we do. this company is Unique. We have been working on this project for more than 6 month and it is just so serious and a company to trust. Check out the new TradeUnity website and see some live accounts in action.



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A new beginning

As you already know FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network) is our main business.
When you want to build a business with a good foundation, you have to build it slowly and correctly.
This is exactly what the company does, all products have been released to the market not before it has been tested and they are ready for use.

A new beginning is here

A new beginning is here

We believe in the long run this is the best choice we made far. We also believe in multiple sources of income.
Today the market is flooded with many offers, but we choose our plans very carefully.Since not everyone can afford to join a large investment program which, we were looking for a good program suitable for everyone.
I am happy to say that after many explorations we found such a program.
If you are interested in details contact us now!
Skype: intrexium

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FOREX trading


Why do FOREX trading?

What happens if people put their money aside into a savings account. Due to the historically low interest rates of the recent years, any return practically gets consumed by inflation. The money on our savings accounts is worth less than the year before. And for the same amount of money you can buy less goods and services. Inflation makes your purchasing power drop.

Everybody has a dream of being able to improve their economy and earn some money. Perhaps you want to spend it on the stuff you like to have or things you want to do. Nothing beats that. Rewarding yourself for your own hard work is a natural thing to do. Or maybe you want to do someone else a favor – and surprise with a gift?   Maybe… you just want to save for later or build a buffer.
Fact is however: A savings account is not the best investment strategy today.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

 Why did FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network)  get involved in the FOREX market via Tradeland ?

FOREX trading can be very exciting and also very complicated and hard to understand, if you are not an expert.

For the experts it is perhaps very easy, but for the rest of us it can be something, that we like to understand but we are afraid to try.

FOREX trading is high risk investments and to gain a good result you have to be an expert.

For many years in the past we have been looking at the experts making money in

the FOREX  and Stock exchange and wished that we could have a better understanding of it and begin to

make money as the experts do. But that have not been an option because it is normally very complicated and hard to understand, and because you also must have money to play with in order to make money from that industry.

The language used by traders also seems complicated and incomprehensible at first.

What do for instance terms like pips or Lot mean to you?  Perhaps not much.

The FOREX market is very big and it is trading about $5 trillion a day. To have a small part in this market is very interesting.

 If you can limit the risk involved it is even better of course.

You will have a nice way of increasing your capital big or small. The expansion of  FAN(Fortunity Alliance Network) is more than a job for us. It’s our mission and our passion – to develop, perfect and share the business strategies that actually work, and make them available and accessible to everyone.


Our attention is not to say that we are any kind of experts in this field even though

we have some  knowledge, but what we are saying is that you do not have to be an expert in trading to be successful.

Normally profits from trading are made from the wins. Even when the economy trend is negative,

like now, you can still make profits in the FOREX market, if you use our programs and strategies.

Our strategies are good for everyone. We have programs for all people- for the small traders and for the big traders.


With our programs you don’t need to know anything about trading, because the

Tradeland is doing it for you through our managed accounts.

We have a unique program that can make money even when the market is low and instable.

In this page, you can see a live example from a trade and how it looks, but you do not have to understand how it works for now.

If you want to learn more about our different programs and what is best for you and your budget contact us now.

You can start your own business at a very low-risk, but with an (almost) unlimited earning potential. That way, we’re giving everyone the same chances for success. You don’t need some fancy degree or experience to become successful. Everything you need is the will to succeed and a good dose of persistence. We want to give everyone the chance to start reaping the benefits of the FOREX market.

Welcome to join Fortunity Alliance Network ,  FAN.

Don’t wait contact us NOW!

Skype:  intrexium


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Your comfort zone

From childhood, we all have a specific need for security. To leave your security and comfort is not always easy.

But it is sometimes necessary to leave your zone of security and take on the challenges that you face in life. One must sometimes open the door to the unknown in order to gain new knowledge and follow unknown paths to success. If you have a big fear of taking on challenges, this fear finally becomes a prison and an obstacle. The fear of being left outside your comfort zone can lead to that you don´t get the success you seek. You have an inner voice that speaks to you and says that you must not do things, that you are not accustomed to, and that you have not previously experienced.

Leave your comfort zone

Leave your comfort zone

To be successful you have to fight this internal enemy, but you have to do it wisely. All wars are fought through a sequence of smaller battles, which should be victories. Step by step you win partial victories and thus as a consequence, you can stop negative thought patterns. You should create an organized and well thought out plan every day. Each partial victory gives you more confidence and also the inspiration and strength to continue.

The first thing you should deal with is that which you’re most afraid of. Continue like this until you think, that you have it under control. After you have completed this step, you can feel proud of this partial victory. Then it becomes easier to continue and dissolve other knots. For example, if you are afraid to talk to people, this will be your first and most important task every day. Learn to overcome this fear and start talking to people from the first day. It comes before anything else. Take on the challenge now. Do not postpone it until tomorrow!

Another thing you should do is to remove and refrain from distracting and unimportant things and aspects of everyday life, things that have taken power, time and attention from you on your road to success. For example, if you have been following a certain TV series, which really has not given you anything, you can stop this immediately. Instead, you might, for example, read a good book about personal development or do something else that is meaningful and stimulating.

A good advice to you is the following:

Leave your comfort zone now. Do not postpone until tomorrow important stuff, that you can handle today.

When people procrastinate and postpone, it shows that they really desire to remain in their comfort zone. There, they may not get access to new knowledge and  may not have an opportunity to build a good network.

People who choose to remain in their comfort zones will seldom become successful.

We invite you to join us on an exciting journey out of your comfort zone. It is a journey that we believe will give you great success.

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FAN Oppertunity

Today you as a private person are bombarded with lots of offers on the net and elsewhere all the time. In the past, let’s say 30 years ago, people got maybe a good offer once a year, that could change their life profoundly. They had time to think carefully, evaluate, compare and judge before they accepted or declined.


Fortunity Alliance Network

Today the time margins are very small. You have to make quick decisions and often there is little time to analyze and look into the various offers and make a decision. If you are planning to go into a business, you should of course first ask yourself a few key questions. Are there any SCAM alerts? How sustainable over time is the concept you look at? Is it likely, that you can work with it the rest of your life? How developable and safe is the concept? Who is in the leadership and how long has the concept been running? Is everything legal? Is it possible to get full access to the information you need.

Sometimes one gets the impression that in reality there is no longer any business online, that has all the positive qualities you want. Secure over time, legal and approved, flexible and suitable for everybody, very profitable, interesting and inspiring etc. But the future is already knocking on the door. A revolution and a new way of thinking is going on and is breaking through.

A lot of people have now discovered and joined a brand new concept Fortunity Alliance Network – (FAN). As a member of the FAN you have every opportunity to realize your dreams. Within FAN there is something for everyone. Everyone can work safely and securely in order to expand the business and adapt it to the wishes you have. There is no risk that FAN suddenly could disappear  because it is a network with numerous partner companies in various niches. If such a partner company is shut down, it is replaced by a new one.

This provides great safety and security. You are very welcome to join Fortunity Alliance Network and work together with us to realize your dreams and prosper in a safe and secure way.

Skype:  intrexium

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The key to success

Why do we believe that our business will succeed?

The key to success

The key to success

Every month we have witnessed dozens if not hundreds of pre-launches of new business opportunities.

The people behind the opportunity, creating a big buzz and excitement for the launch of products / services.

The success of these companies depends on local leaders with large lists.

The more the product or service they provide is of low value, so the noise surrounding the launch will be.

Some of these businesses do not make the launch, some have launched a product / service and parts, only a fraction of them will launch a product.

In most cases it turns out that the product can not keep the business over time.

Very few companies with good product or service will last for several months or years.

In order to succeed in dealing with a number of conditions must be met:

1. The business must be free of debt.

2. The business must be based on the products / services that have a demand in the market.

3. The owner of the business must be people with vision.

4. The business is built on strong foundations. Deeper foundations form a more stable business.

5. All product or service must come on the market only after proven that it works.

6. The ability of a business to function during the development of its products.

7. building of a group of lieder lead the company to success

8. The ability of a business to adapt itself to the changes.

9. business adapts its products to customers rather than trying to fit the customer to the products.

10. The business came to stay for many years.

Is it possible that there is such a business that you do not have heard of him yet?

What if we told you that there is such a business that works for three years quietly?

We are pleased to take part in this business. We are proud to have the opportunity to be a world leaders

If you are tired of all the failed business, we invite you to join us and build the future together!.

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Business commitment

Take a year of truly serious commitment to conduct your business. Why is it so important to engage seriously in the business you operate? All successful companies measured over time become successful because they have dedicated employees.

Business planning

Business planning

Online businesses also need a start-up with engaged people, before success begins to come. You should work in a committed way in at least 12 months before you start to see the fruits of your hard work. People who are engaged in their activities, do not jump from company to company every month or even worse every two weeks. With such an attitude, you cannot get success and you just have to accept failures.

You should look at yourself and try to be honest. How many times have you been in this situation? How many times have you thought that this time it will be a success when you jumped into the next glittering business? How many times have you been disappointed? This situation leads us to believe that things do not work or that we are not as successful as others.

We have good news for you! This may change, if you choose to stick and work seriously in the activities you have selected at least one year. The first few months are a phase of study and trying to really understand the business. Of course, it is very important to have a regular routine of setting goals. Clearly defined milestones to be reached after a certain time. You should always be in control and have enough time to review the results and make corrections if necessary.

You should make this commitment first to yourself and then convey it to those you work with.

Even if you get stuck or if the situation is becoming critical occasionally, you should never give up. You must continue to work in accordance with the plan, that you have set for yourself. Once you have worked through the first year, you can look back with pride and rejoice in your accomplishments and the goals you achieved.

After that, it will be easier for you to build your program for the coming years in the business.

We in Team Intrexium are more than happy to make you a winner.

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Make 2016 a turning point.

Make 2016 a turning point in your life!  

Planning the new year

Planning the new year

Now we are close to the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. It is time to validate our achievements up to now, and see how far we would like to reach during next year.
The meaning with this is of course not to cry over past mistakes, but to learn from them and make them a tool to raise and improve our activity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
If you are satisfied with your situation this is a good sign. You have done the right things, and all you have to do is to continue from the same point and move on.
If you look back, and you do not like what you see, you should reevaluate your goals again and build a new plan based on your new knowledge and the  conclusions you have drawn from the past mistakes .Your program must be different from programs of the past, which have led you into the current situation.
Do not be afraid to make tough decisions and always remember, that only people with a vision reach great achievements and results.
We in Team Intrexium have great plans for the next year.                                                                                                                                                    
Do you want to be a part of them?  You are very welcome to work together with us.
We are ready to sit down with you, help you to define your goals and build together with you the best plan for you. Are you ready to make the next year 2016 a turn-around year in your life?

Contact us for more information.

skype:  intrexium

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Goals for the new year

There is a secret that some successful people know of and that serves as a key to open up  closed doors and remove obstacles. It’s about the attitude you have to whatever life serves us on the road. We all know that life is relatively short and the thought of this fact can make people discouraged and stressed. You might start thinking negatively instead of being open and positive. If you think  and act in a positive way and exclude negative thoughts and feelings, this will generate lots of positive things in your life. It attracts positive and creative people and it opens up new paths in a sometimes surprising and mysterious way. There are always ways forward, even if your starting position can be awkward

How to stay positive

How to stay positive

It takes positive thinking to remove the restrictions you have set up for yourself. You can take one step at a time and plan the way forward in order to reach various milestones at specific times and boldly move on towards the realization of your dreams. The power of your thought is enormous if you are single-minded and not afraid of setbacks. Any setback can you use as a lesson to learn from and then move forward towards your goals. By being open and bring in ideas and advice from knowledgeable individuals you can highly increase your chances of success. If one is convinced that a certain business is absolutely the best the market can offer, you should not give up but patiently continue forward. It may take time before reaching huge success. People often give up too early and miss to harvest the fruits that are the reward for their hard work.

Patience is a necessary ingredient in your quest for success. Fried sparrows don´t fall from the sky.

It often takes a lot of time and a lot of work before you start to get success. You may notice after a while that your business is becoming more promising and that it begins to turn in a positive way. Looking back at what you have achieved and studying the milestones you have passed, you will certainly be inspired and satisfied if you have chosen the right business and if you always patiently and diligently have worked on in a positive spirit.

The power of your thoughts is great. Positive thinking and acting can bring us very far if we do not fall back to bad habits and  bad patterns of behavior, but keep us safe on the right and sometimes narrow and perhaps difficult path that leads to success. When starting up you could have a great need for advice and information from knowledgeable people so as not to misalign and drive into the ditch.

If you are in a business that is right for you  and if you have learned to think and act positively and lovingly, you can look forward to a safe and secure journey, that will change your life basically and lead to success. In a sometimes mysterious way, new avenues and opportunities will open up for you gradually, removing barriers, and smoothing  your path. The coming year 2016  will give us all fantastic new opportunities on the road to success. In our travel luggage for the new year, it is good to include a little of the following: self-discipline, patience, perseverance, positive thinking, willingness to plan and set goals, openness to take in information and advice and  also a good pinch of common sense.

Team Intrexium is more than happy to help.

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Is your business sustainable?

How many business ideas, which you can find online, is really serious and sustainable over time? The answer is that they are very few, but they are there if you can find them. They are probably less than 1% of all on offer. How big part of any business, that one can find on the net, can be directly classified as fraud? Clearly over 90%. Sometimes it is very easy to see if a concept is legitimate or not, provided you have experience and knowledge. If you have not, there is always the opportunity to thoroughly inform yourself and consider carefully before moving into a new concept. In the choice between various business concepts online, you can divide them into the following categories: 1 Extremely good company that is in a class by itself and can be said to have star status. 2 Companies that are good, reputable and durable. 3 Companies that have some shortcomings, but also some positive sides. 4 Companies that directly can be classified as fraud. Before making the decision to go into a business, you should try to determine to which category the company you are interested in belongs… 1, 2, 3 or 4. Ask professional people! The Scams in category 4 you should obviously try to avoid. Here, you sometimes need help to see through the deception, which may be difficult, especially if you do not have much experience of working online. The reputable companies in category 2 can be hard to find, and you also may need professional help here. Businesses in category 3 are not clearly negative or positive. Time will tell if they develop in a positive or negative direction. Often, they are not sustainable, but they are like the flowers in a meadow. They bloom for a while but wither down when it becomes autumn and winter. If you want to invest in such companies you will have to accept some degree of uncertainty for the future.

sustainable business

sustainable business

A company with star status in category 1 shall have everything you could wish for, It must be sustainable over time far into the future. As a member, you should be able to plan your work basically for the rest of your life. It should be completely legal, authorized, controlled and transparent. You should be able to have good contact with the company management and get quick answers to any questions. It should be modern, and be at the forefront in terms of technological development and built-in data routines. It should have a really good compensation plan, which can provide a good and secure income online for everyone. It should offer opportunities for members to work in most sectors of the market. People should be able to register for free and then gradually upgrade themselves. It must have high ethical and moral standards and goals and act in a fair manner to the benefit and success of all its members.

Is there such business concepts today online? Incredible as it may sound, the answer is YES. This should delight all who seek joy, safety and economic freedom online.

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Planning your business

Do you have an overall plan for your life or for all you want to do and perform during each day?

Most people are not so good at planning and find it rather boring. But it could be very useful and stimulating.

Business planning

Business planning

If you have found a business, that you really like and want to work with, perhaps, in the beginning, you ask yourself how to start up in order to get the best results possible.

How should I start and what is the first step I should take? Which people should I cooperate with? Well, then it is a very good idea to start with making a plan.

In every business, you should follow a plan to achieve success and prosperity. First thing and most important is to set up your goals. Write exactly down what you want to achieve in your life, like good health, financial freedom, more time with your family and so on.

When you have set up your goals it is time for you to make a plan for how to achieve those goals. Every step in your plan should be reached within a certain time frame. It is good to work step by step, because in that way you get inspiration and joy when you have managed to reach the separate steps

Make sure that you check at the end of every week what you have accomplished. You can always make adjustments to your plan depending on your progress. Don´t be afraid to fail. Everybody can make mistakes and learn from them on the road to success.

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MMC prelaunch

If You Think You’ve Seen it All WAIT Until You See This Video.
Finally, something that can be said with certainty has never been done by anyone.

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Online Business Advice

Most people engaged in different businesses online want security in everything they do. They want to be able to plan far into the future and feel safe. It should not be that companies you are involved in suddenly disappear for various reasons. It may be that the whole concept is a well-camouflaged fraud, which is set up to lure money from people. Often this is difficult to see through for common people. It can look very professional and credible, but it is a trap in order to take people’s money. Depositing money is easy and without any problems whatsoever. In the fancy graphs and charts, you can follow how your money is constantly growing. Then you might find that the rules for how to withdraw money are changed. Perhaps you have to wait a couple of months before making a withdrawal.

Online Business

Online Business

This is clearly a warning signal. Once the waiting time has passed and you try to withdraw your money you will not succeed. Possibly, the company pays out money to a few individuals so that more people can be fooled into spending more. But most people receive nothing. Many people run into this and similar traps unfortunately. Therefore,  there is an increasing need for and an absolute interest today in more and more security and opportunities to plan long term when working online. Fortunately,  there are safe routes that you can follow to obtain a reliable passive income online far into the future without being cheated.

Cooperation instead of competition. Equitable return from different jobs and investments. One hundred percent transparency. Security that removes the risk of running into the ditch.

Perhaps you have missed a precious opportunity!? But it is not at all too late to join.

Compensation plan explained

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Business advice

New Business advise

New Business advice

People who are looking for a good business concept out there on the net and finally find something, which they at first sight really believe in are sometimes behaving in the same way as they do when they fall in love. They tend to ignore that which is negative and focus only on what is positive. Often they defend also the company or the partner they have chosen to believe in at any price, even though it might after a while become clear that there are shortcomings and negative aspects. They end up in a primitive territorial behavior, and they do not want to admit that they made a mistake. Therefore, you can see today on the web many people, who fastidiously are working on with various concepts that are obviously not serious and secure. If they had not had their pride and their territorial behavior, they could rapidly have changed to another business, where they confidently and secure could continue to work successfully for many years to come. There is in fact, another road, you can choose to follow, that is safe and secure without risk of running into a ditch and loose everything.

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How to find a good company

When searching among the wide range of business ideas available today on the web you have to think more than once before joining. There are so many concepts that have been designed just to lure money from gullible people. It is easy to fall into the temptation without thinking properly and analyzing the concepts in more detail. You can ask yourself a few simple questions to avoid being scammed.

A good company

A good company

1. Is the concept legal?

2. Is everything open and auditable?

3. How long has the company been running?

4. Is there a problem with payments or other things that should work without delays and hassles?

5. Can you contact the people who run the company?

6. Can you expect the concept to be sustainable and secure?

If you dream of getting a good income online, there are for sure some secure opportunities that could fulfill your dreams. But it is necessary to analyze the concepts carefully before choosing to join if you want to avoid being robbed. Unfortunately,  that´s the truth today.

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Living on online work!

Living on online work!

Work from home

Work from home

To make a living working from home is the dream of many people.
You see so many businesses and get so many tempting offers but unfortunately, the vast majority of companies just out to take your money.
I myself have struggled online for 16 years with very mixed success, which led to, despite all the setbacks done well, but it can be very difficult to find any serious company in the jungle of scams figures.
In itself, I have succeeded now, though.
Being an affiliate can be good if you have lots of time or money to purchase their marketing but even there, fooled you into a network of rogue companies that have fleet websites and promise that you’ll get an incredible high stream of visitors to his website.
Unfortunately, even though in some cases this traffic so nobody buys your goods or services.
This is because the traffic you get is not customers but only others like you who are looking for customers and changing only the traffic that in itself may be beneficial but leads nowhere.
To find happiness in MLM can be a bit simpler think many but which requires very hard to persuade others to your products or services are better than what they already have or use.
Once you have built up a range of clients as something new pops up in the market and now lose the sit networks over to other competitors.
Sad but true.

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Fan Concept Facts

Fan Concept Facts

Fan Concept Facts

Why should you choose FORTUNITY ALLIANCE NETWORK (FAN) as your last station?

Let´s take a look at some of the most important reasons why we think FAN is the best place for you.

Every year there are thousands of  new companies online, most of them are scams that disappears with our money after a  few months.

Unfortunately, this is often the case today. There are small numbers of companies that are staying online for more than one year, but often they don’t have good products so they are because of that forced to shut down.

What Is the Concept behind Fortunity Alliance Network (FAN)?


It is a concept with a radically new design, where a lot of client companies (partners) co-operate and give revenue to the members in FAN.

The idea was born many years ago and FAN started to work in 2013.

The owner of FAN Gerry Dekens from Belgium wanted to build his companies to be sustainable for many years.

FAN is planned and designed to be stable and sustainable for many years to come.


The partners pay part of the profits to FAN members.

In FAN there are many companies working together as partners. Using co-operation instead of competition, they are making higher profits. Part of these profits is paid out to the members in FAN.


The long-term stability and sustainability of FAN are secured.

If something goes wrong with one partnering  company we still have many of them in the co-operative circle of companies.

It is also always possible to replace the missing link with a new partner company. Because of that FAN can be sustainable over time.

In FAN we don’t buy our software or database from outside. Everything is built by one of our partner’s company


ABPSystems is a business development company based in Belgium. ABP is developing and building all the companies in FAN.

In FAN we have something for everyone.

In FAN you have a lot of partner companies with different niches and options, that the members can use and receive a revenue share from. As a member in FAN you are free to choose which partner company or activity you will profit from.


Everything is built with a deep thought about all important aspects:  market needs, security, design and much more.

The whole concept into the smallest detail should be legal, approved, secure and open for the members to study.

In FAN there is a variety of partner companies with all kinds of different niches. Because of this wide range of different niches and opportunities, FAN has the potential to offer everybody something to profit from.

Each company launch only when the products are ready.

The partner companies in FAN are launched only when their products are ready and when their business ideas have been thoroughly examined and approved.

The idea is to create many  companies for the stability of the co-operative circle of partners.

The stability and sustainability of the concept are guaranteed through this.

The companies bring to the market the best products and services.

Thorough examination and approval claims for the companies wanting to be partners in FAN is a guarantee for high-quality products and services.

Customers can join any partner company. When they   order products they get profit shares in FAN if they have joined as members.

In FAN you can choose from a lot of opportunities the ones you think will suit you best and will give you a good and durable  income.

There are plans for active and passive income.

You can take part in the activities and profit from the opportunities FAN offers in an active way eg by selling products or in a passive way eg by investing money.


Welcome to FAN

  • that everybody can profit from being active or passive.
  • that is open, fully legal, sustainable and reliable.
  • that offers you a wide range of companies and opportunities.
  • that unites multiple industries and companies in almost all niche markets and reaches all target audiences.
  • that can give you a secure and good income online.

Join our team

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What is the BEST way to make the RIGHT desition?

FAN Concept

FAN Concept

When you are Considering JOINING a business that seems to have GREAT potential to SUCCEED, but it looks too complicated for YOU and you fear that you will not understand everything, always REMEMBER that you do not have to know EVERYTHING on the first day. How many TIMES have you LOOKED at something you did not UNDERSTAND and after you’ve studied it YOU said to yourself how I did not UNDERSTAND that from the beginning?
You should also KEEP in mind that you do not have to KNOWEVERYTHING, there will always be SOMEONE who understand the business and they can HELP you.
When we DECIDED to join the FAN CONCEPT we saw TREMENDOUS potential in this business and therefore, WE didn’t care the WE don’t understand everything. The IMPORTANT thing is to JOIN a business when your GUT feeling tells you that THIS is GOOD business for you.
I encourage YOU to join us and TAKE part in building a BETTER future for YOUand your FAMILY.
Do not let little THINGS ruin a GREAT future!
Contact us for more information.

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Fortunityalliance | FAN

Fortunityalliance News

Fortunityalliance News

How many times you have taken the wrong decisions in your life?
How many times you join a business for the wrong reason?
How many times you have been scammed?
How many times you said that next time you will do a deep research before you will join any business again?
I know how many times it happened to me and I decided to put an end for it.
My partners and I have made a deep due diligence and checked all the aspects of a new business model before we decided to jump into it.
This time, I am sure we have taken the right decisions and we can see it as our new home!
I invite you to visit our page and take you own decision.

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