Finding a good company

Finding a good company

Patience is an important element for success.

Patience is important for any success.

Patience is important

Patience is important

Online businesses are complicated sometimes. There are several approaches to managing the business; I’m not going to determine which of them is preferable, but to show that one element characteristic of all – patience.

The first approach is to build a business and get it only after all elements have been tested and found to be an excellent function without all faults.

In this case, the launch could be postponed by several months or even more.

A second approach is to launch the business in order to check the bugs and make repairs while working.

The third approach is to run the business for several weeks / months and then stop for a certain period and fix all the bugs, and only then relaunch.

I’m sure some of you have come across in any of these businesses in the past.

The first approach requires a lot of mental strength and patience than others and is intended primarily for people who see the vision.

Anyway, we needed a lot of patience because there is no perfect business, but in some cases, we discover that patience pays dividends.

Good things come to those who have patience!

Very soon some excited things will come so be patient.

You can join us on this 2 sites and be ready for the excitements to come here!  and  here!

Have a magic day!

Team Intrexium

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A new beginning

As you already know FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network) is our main business.
When you want to build a business with a good foundation, you have to build it slowly and correctly.
This is exactly what the company does, all products have been released to the market not before it has been tested and they are ready for use.

A new beginning is here

A new beginning is here

We believe in the long run this is the best choice we made far. We also believe in multiple sources of income.
Today the market is flooded with many offers, but we choose our plans very carefully.Since not everyone can afford to join a large investment program which, we were looking for a good program suitable for everyone.
I am happy to say that after many explorations we found such a program.
If you are interested in details contact us now!
Skype: intrexium

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Your comfort zone

From childhood, we all have a specific need for security. To leave your security and comfort is not always easy.

But it is sometimes necessary to leave your zone of security and take on the challenges that you face in life. One must sometimes open the door to the unknown in order to gain new knowledge and follow unknown paths to success. If you have a big fear of taking on challenges, this fear finally becomes a prison and an obstacle. The fear of being left outside your comfort zone can lead to that you don´t get the success you seek. You have an inner voice that speaks to you and says that you must not do things, that you are not accustomed to, and that you have not previously experienced.

Leave your comfort zone

Leave your comfort zone

To be successful you have to fight this internal enemy, but you have to do it wisely. All wars are fought through a sequence of smaller battles, which should be victories. Step by step you win partial victories and thus as a consequence, you can stop negative thought patterns. You should create an organized and well thought out plan every day. Each partial victory gives you more confidence and also the inspiration and strength to continue.

The first thing you should deal with is that which you’re most afraid of. Continue like this until you think, that you have it under control. After you have completed this step, you can feel proud of this partial victory. Then it becomes easier to continue and dissolve other knots. For example, if you are afraid to talk to people, this will be your first and most important task every day. Learn to overcome this fear and start talking to people from the first day. It comes before anything else. Take on the challenge now. Do not postpone it until tomorrow!

Another thing you should do is to remove and refrain from distracting and unimportant things and aspects of everyday life, things that have taken power, time and attention from you on your road to success. For example, if you have been following a certain TV series, which really has not given you anything, you can stop this immediately. Instead, you might, for example, read a good book about personal development or do something else that is meaningful and stimulating.

A good advice to you is the following:

Leave your comfort zone now. Do not postpone until tomorrow important stuff, that you can handle today.

When people procrastinate and postpone, it shows that they really desire to remain in their comfort zone. There, they may not get access to new knowledge and  may not have an opportunity to build a good network.

People who choose to remain in their comfort zones will seldom become successful.

We invite you to join us on an exciting journey out of your comfort zone. It is a journey that we believe will give you great success.

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Online Business Advice

Most people engaged in different businesses online want security in everything they do. They want to be able to plan far into the future and feel safe. It should not be that companies you are involved in suddenly disappear for various reasons. It may be that the whole concept is a well-camouflaged fraud, which is set up to lure money from people. Often this is difficult to see through for common people. It can look very professional and credible, but it is a trap in order to take people’s money. Depositing money is easy and without any problems whatsoever. In the fancy graphs and charts, you can follow how your money is constantly growing. Then you might find that the rules for how to withdraw money are changed. Perhaps you have to wait a couple of months before making a withdrawal.

Online Business

Online Business

This is clearly a warning signal. Once the waiting time has passed and you try to withdraw your money you will not succeed. Possibly, the company pays out money to a few individuals so that more people can be fooled into spending more. But most people receive nothing. Many people run into this and similar traps unfortunately. Therefore,  there is an increasing need for and an absolute interest today in more and more security and opportunities to plan long term when working online. Fortunately,  there are safe routes that you can follow to obtain a reliable passive income online far into the future without being cheated.

Cooperation instead of competition. Equitable return from different jobs and investments. One hundred percent transparency. Security that removes the risk of running into the ditch.

Perhaps you have missed a precious opportunity!? But it is not at all too late to join.

Compensation plan explained

Call us on skype:  intrexium

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How to find a good company

When searching among the wide range of business ideas available today on the web you have to think more than once before joining. There are so many concepts that have been designed just to lure money from gullible people. It is easy to fall into the temptation without thinking properly and analyzing the concepts in more detail. You can ask yourself a few simple questions to avoid being scammed.

A good company

A good company

1. Is the concept legal?

2. Is everything open and auditable?

3. How long has the company been running?

4. Is there a problem with payments or other things that should work without delays and hassles?

5. Can you contact the people who run the company?

6. Can you expect the concept to be sustainable and secure?

If you dream of getting a good income online, there are for sure some secure opportunities that could fulfill your dreams. But it is necessary to analyze the concepts carefully before choosing to join if you want to avoid being robbed. Unfortunately,  that´s the truth today.

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