Patience is an important element for success.

Patience is important for any success.

Patience is important

Patience is important

Online businesses are complicated sometimes. There are several approaches to managing the business; I’m not going to determine which of them is preferable, but to show that one element characteristic of all – patience.

The first approach is to build a business and get it only after all elements have been tested and found to be an excellent function without all faults.

In this case, the launch could be postponed by several months or even more.

A second approach is to launch the business in order to check the bugs and make repairs while working.

The third approach is to run the business for several weeks / months and then stop for a certain period and fix all the bugs, and only then relaunch.

I’m sure some of you have come across in any of these businesses in the past.

The first approach requires a lot of mental strength and patience than others and is intended primarily for people who see the vision.

Anyway, we needed a lot of patience because there is no perfect business, but in some cases, we discover that patience pays dividends.

Good things come to those who have patience!

Very soon some excited things will come so be patient.

You can join us on this 2 sites and be ready for the excitements to come here!  and  here!

Have a magic day!

Team Intrexium

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Successful Life


In most situations it is negative and humiliating to fail. Nobody wants that.

But fear of success is sometimes greater and more devastating than fear of failure. Some people feel more or less paralyzed, because they fear to fail, which causes them to be passive and unable to do anything at all. They are afraid of taking important decisions that can sometimes change their lives.  

Successful life

Successful life


Whenever they need to take a decision and start doing something relevant, they scan the situation searching for something that can lead to a failure. If they believe that there is even the smallest chance of  failure they will give up.

What causes people to be afraid of success? That is a good question. People who are afraid of success are usually people, who have not experienced enough success in their lives. These people perhaps never have been really successful and have not felt the sweet taste of success. Maybe this is the reason why they are afraid of having a success. Perhaps they haven´t got a clue about what to do with the success.

Perhaps they have heard since they were little kids some negative remarks and limiting rules about how to think and behave from their parents, their friends, their teachers and from other people around them. People have informed them not only about how to think and behave but also perhaps about their chances to become successful in the future.   This can, in the end, lead to a lack of confidence and of knowledge how to deal with success.

First of all, you have to start to believe in yourself, and stop care about what people around you think and say.  Begin with small steps and build the necessary confidence.

Start taking risks carefully and experience the taste of success.  As soon as success comes also to you, you will begin to enjoy it. You will start learning how it is to have success and how to stop being afraid of it.

Success will come to those who believed they could deal with it.

Team Intrexium

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The key to success

Why do we believe that our business will succeed?

The key to success

The key to success

Every month we have witnessed dozens if not hundreds of pre-launches of new business opportunities.

The people behind the opportunity, creating a big buzz and excitement for the launch of products / services.

The success of these companies depends on local leaders with large lists.

The more the product or service they provide is of low value, so the noise surrounding the launch will be.

Some of these businesses do not make the launch, some have launched a product / service and parts, only a fraction of them will launch a product.

In most cases it turns out that the product can not keep the business over time.

Very few companies with good product or service will last for several months or years.

In order to succeed in dealing with a number of conditions must be met:

1. The business must be free of debt.

2. The business must be based on the products / services that have a demand in the market.

3. The owner of the business must be people with vision.

4. The business is built on strong foundations. Deeper foundations form a more stable business.

5. All product or service must come on the market only after proven that it works.

6. The ability of a business to function during the development of its products.

7. building of a group of lieder lead the company to success

8. The ability of a business to adapt itself to the changes.

9. business adapts its products to customers rather than trying to fit the customer to the products.

10. The business came to stay for many years.

Is it possible that there is such a business that you do not have heard of him yet?

What if we told you that there is such a business that works for three years quietly?

We are pleased to take part in this business. We are proud to have the opportunity to be a world leaders

If you are tired of all the failed business, we invite you to join us and build the future together!.

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