FOREX trading


Why do FOREX trading?

What happens if people put their money aside into a savings account. Due to the historically low interest rates of the recent years, any return practically gets consumed by inflation. The money on our savings accounts is worth less than the year before. And for the same amount of money you can buy less goods and services. Inflation makes your purchasing power drop.

Everybody has a dream of being able to improve their economy and earn some money. Perhaps you want to spend it on the stuff you like to have or things you want to do. Nothing beats that. Rewarding yourself for your own hard work is a natural thing to do. Or maybe you want to do someone else a favor – and surprise with a gift?   Maybe… you just want to save for later or build a buffer.
Fact is however: A savings account is not the best investment strategy today.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

 Why did FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network)  get involved in the FOREX market via Tradeland ?

FOREX trading can be very exciting and also very complicated and hard to understand, if you are not an expert.

For the experts it is perhaps very easy, but for the rest of us it can be something, that we like to understand but we are afraid to try.

FOREX trading is high risk investments and to gain a good result you have to be an expert.

For many years in the past we have been looking at the experts making money in

the FOREX  and Stock exchange and wished that we could have a better understanding of it and begin to

make money as the experts do. But that have not been an option because it is normally very complicated and hard to understand, and because you also must have money to play with in order to make money from that industry.

The language used by traders also seems complicated and incomprehensible at first.

What do for instance terms like pips or Lot mean to you?  Perhaps not much.

The FOREX market is very big and it is trading about $5 trillion a day. To have a small part in this market is very interesting.

 If you can limit the risk involved it is even better of course.

You will have a nice way of increasing your capital big or small. The expansion of  FAN(Fortunity Alliance Network) is more than a job for us. It’s our mission and our passion – to develop, perfect and share the business strategies that actually work, and make them available and accessible to everyone.


Our attention is not to say that we are any kind of experts in this field even though

we have some  knowledge, but what we are saying is that you do not have to be an expert in trading to be successful.

Normally profits from trading are made from the wins. Even when the economy trend is negative,

like now, you can still make profits in the FOREX market, if you use our programs and strategies.

Our strategies are good for everyone. We have programs for all people- for the small traders and for the big traders.


With our programs you don’t need to know anything about trading, because the

Tradeland is doing it for you through our managed accounts.

We have a unique program that can make money even when the market is low and instable.

In this page, you can see a live example from a trade and how it looks, but you do not have to understand how it works for now.

If you want to learn more about our different programs and what is best for you and your budget contact us now.

You can start your own business at a very low-risk, but with an (almost) unlimited earning potential. That way, we’re giving everyone the same chances for success. You don’t need some fancy degree or experience to become successful. Everything you need is the will to succeed and a good dose of persistence. We want to give everyone the chance to start reaping the benefits of the FOREX market.

Welcome to join Fortunity Alliance Network ,  FAN.

Don’t wait contact us NOW!

Skype:  intrexium


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Fortunityalliance News

Fortunityalliance News

How many times you have taken the wrong decisions in your life?
How many times you join a business for the wrong reason?
How many times you have been scammed?
How many times you said that next time you will do a deep research before you will join any business again?
I know how many times it happened to me and I decided to put an end for it.
My partners and I have made a deep due diligence and checked all the aspects of a new business model before we decided to jump into it.
This time, I am sure we have taken the right decisions and we can see it as our new home!
I invite you to visit our page and take you own decision.

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