Fortunity Alliance Network

Fortunity Alliance Network

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Team Intrexium is always on top of any new update or features available in the market. Among other services that we offer, we have already mastered the FAN concept. Fortunity Alliance Network (FAN) is unique in its genre as it enables the unification of various companies which may and may not be of the same industry. By forming this virtual alliance among different sectors of the economy, it enables all parties to feed off each other strengths while compensating for their weaknesses.

The way FAN concept functions is quite simple. The keyword which symbolises fortuinity alliance is unity. FAN is established in such a way that unity is maintained at various levels, be it marketing or finance. It is basically a pool for profit sharing which has different platforms attached to it.

FAN is a unique concept as nothing like FAN was previously thought of or created. It was created to be the core amplifier for different companies, working in different domains and targeting different demographics. While each individual user is encouraged to focus on core competency, we also provide an opportunity for them to benefit for each other’s strength. This way we remove the weaknesses they might possess.

We have offered a world, full of possibilities for ourselves so we can cater to a large target audience and also be hyperactive in any industry or vertical.

At Team Intrexium, we invite you to be a part of the revolution which is already here.

Also you can signup on both & then contact us for the next step how to get started.

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