Do you need Plan B?

If you have a good plan A you won’t need plan B.

Do you need Plan B?

Do you need Plan B?

What are the ingredients necessary for building a successful model of a plan A?

  1. You need a positive attitude.
  2. Set clear goals.
  3. Prepare a work plan for the long term and short term.
  4. You have to believe in what you do.
  5. Do what you love and do it with enthusiasm.
  6. connect the right people, successful people you can contribute value.
  7. Set goals that can be measured.
  8. Work with the daily program when you know exactly what to do every hour.
  9. In order to succeed, you must be willing to sacrifice something and get out of your comfort zone.
  10. confront the things that scare you, then everything goes for you easily.
  11. Get all the failure with love and learn from them.
  12. Do not be afraid to dream big.
  13. Be grateful for all you have.
  14. Education is an important ingredient for success. You need to learn and educate yourself all the time.
  15. Choose the right business for you.
  16. Remember that only you can determine your success!
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Patience is an important element for success.

Patience is important for any success.

Patience is important

Patience is important

Online businesses are complicated sometimes. There are several approaches to managing the business; I’m not going to determine which of them is preferable, but to show that one element characteristic of all – patience.

The first approach is to build a business and get it only after all elements have been tested and found to be an excellent function without all faults.

In this case, the launch could be postponed by several months or even more.

A second approach is to launch the business in order to check the bugs and make repairs while working.

The third approach is to run the business for several weeks / months and then stop for a certain period and fix all the bugs, and only then relaunch.

I’m sure some of you have come across in any of these businesses in the past.

The first approach requires a lot of mental strength and patience than others and is intended primarily for people who see the vision.

Anyway, we needed a lot of patience because there is no perfect business, but in some cases, we discover that patience pays dividends.

Good things come to those who have patience!

Very soon some excited things will come so be patient.

You can join us on this 2 sites and be ready for the excitements to come here!  and  here!

Have a magic day!

Team Intrexium

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A new beginning

As you already know FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network) is our main business.
When you want to build a business with a good foundation, you have to build it slowly and correctly.
This is exactly what the company does, all products have been released to the market not before it has been tested and they are ready for use.

A new beginning is here

A new beginning is here

We believe in the long run this is the best choice we made far. We also believe in multiple sources of income.
Today the market is flooded with many offers, but we choose our plans very carefully.Since not everyone can afford to join a large investment program which, we were looking for a good program suitable for everyone.
I am happy to say that after many explorations we found such a program.
If you are interested in details contact us now!
Skype: intrexium

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Is your business sustainable?

How many business ideas, which you can find online, is really serious and sustainable over time? The answer is that they are very few, but they are there if you can find them. They are probably less than 1% of all on offer. How big part of any business, that one can find on the net, can be directly classified as fraud? Clearly over 90%. Sometimes it is very easy to see if a concept is legitimate or not, provided you have experience and knowledge. If you have not, there is always the opportunity to thoroughly inform yourself and consider carefully before moving into a new concept. In the choice between various business concepts online, you can divide them into the following categories: 1 Extremely good company that is in a class by itself and can be said to have star status. 2 Companies that are good, reputable and durable. 3 Companies that have some shortcomings, but also some positive sides. 4 Companies that directly can be classified as fraud. Before making the decision to go into a business, you should try to determine to which category the company you are interested in belongs… 1, 2, 3 or 4. Ask professional people! The Scams in category 4 you should obviously try to avoid. Here, you sometimes need help to see through the deception, which may be difficult, especially if you do not have much experience of working online. The reputable companies in category 2 can be hard to find, and you also may need professional help here. Businesses in category 3 are not clearly negative or positive. Time will tell if they develop in a positive or negative direction. Often, they are not sustainable, but they are like the flowers in a meadow. They bloom for a while but wither down when it becomes autumn and winter. If you want to invest in such companies you will have to accept some degree of uncertainty for the future.

sustainable business

sustainable business

A company with star status in category 1 shall have everything you could wish for, It must be sustainable over time far into the future. As a member, you should be able to plan your work basically for the rest of your life. It should be completely legal, authorized, controlled and transparent. You should be able to have good contact with the company management and get quick answers to any questions. It should be modern, and be at the forefront in terms of technological development and built-in data routines. It should have a really good compensation plan, which can provide a good and secure income online for everyone. It should offer opportunities for members to work in most sectors of the market. People should be able to register for free and then gradually upgrade themselves. It must have high ethical and moral standards and goals and act in a fair manner to the benefit and success of all its members.

Is there such business concepts today online? Incredible as it may sound, the answer is YES. This should delight all who seek joy, safety and economic freedom online.

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Planning your business

Do you have an overall plan for your life or for all you want to do and perform during each day?

Most people are not so good at planning and find it rather boring. But it could be very useful and stimulating.

Business planning

Business planning

If you have found a business, that you really like and want to work with, perhaps, in the beginning, you ask yourself how to start up in order to get the best results possible.

How should I start and what is the first step I should take? Which people should I cooperate with? Well, then it is a very good idea to start with making a plan.

In every business, you should follow a plan to achieve success and prosperity. First thing and most important is to set up your goals. Write exactly down what you want to achieve in your life, like good health, financial freedom, more time with your family and so on.

When you have set up your goals it is time for you to make a plan for how to achieve those goals. Every step in your plan should be reached within a certain time frame. It is good to work step by step, because in that way you get inspiration and joy when you have managed to reach the separate steps

Make sure that you check at the end of every week what you have accomplished. You can always make adjustments to your plan depending on your progress. Don´t be afraid to fail. Everybody can make mistakes and learn from them on the road to success.

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Business advice

New Business advise

New Business advice

People who are looking for a good business concept out there on the net and finally find something, which they at first sight really believe in are sometimes behaving in the same way as they do when they fall in love. They tend to ignore that which is negative and focus only on what is positive. Often they defend also the company or the partner they have chosen to believe in at any price, even though it might after a while become clear that there are shortcomings and negative aspects. They end up in a primitive territorial behavior, and they do not want to admit that they made a mistake. Therefore, you can see today on the web many people, who fastidiously are working on with various concepts that are obviously not serious and secure. If they had not had their pride and their territorial behavior, they could rapidly have changed to another business, where they confidently and secure could continue to work successfully for many years to come. There is in fact, another road, you can choose to follow, that is safe and secure without risk of running into a ditch and loose everything.

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