The New Economy

Until the entry of The Internet into our lives the world economy was run by a small number of people that ruled in most sources of money.

These people hold most of the capital in the world, gaining an influence and political power.

The New Economy

The New Economy

These people work hard to maintain the status quo so as not to lose the power they have accumulated.

The Internet opened up a new world full of opportunities for creating a new economy that allows almost everyone one take part in it.

Old economy will not disappear from the world easily and without struggle and its influence is still significant in many parts of our lives, but we are beginning to feel the change.

A prominent example is the creation of the first encrypted currency, the Bitcoin. The goal was to create a currency that is not controlled by governments or major financial institutions such as banks.

Bitcoin is a striker mark the way for the creation of The New Economy and this process can no longer be stopped.

Fortunity Alliance Network

Fortunity Alliance Network

More and more people realize that they have an excellent opportunity to be part of the change and improve their quality of life.

We are currently witnessing a historic change that will affect the lives of many of us and for future generations.

One of the leading companies that will be a major player in the creation of the new economy is Fortunity Alliance Network (FAN).

To read more about FAN and the unique concept you can visit the website here.

The question is where do you see yourself, do you see yourself Observers or you take an active part in the process? You can join the future here

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