What is FAN?

What the FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network)?
FAN is a concept consisting of 15 different companies that all work together in the FAN concept http://www.fortunityalliance.com/
Here you choose what you like to work with if it is marketing, web, investment, trading, communication, etc.

Fan Concept

Fan Concept

You choose if you want to be active in any of the companies or perhaps all of the FAN or as we chose to do to be a passive investor in various parts of the concept
We work with the best experts in the world in the various companies that are now in the last 6 years alone now total 200 employees written all corporate codes from the beginning and has thus created a project that is now open in its entirety April 1, 2017 .

Many of the companies already acts as trade country, trade unity, nexitrade, Micro Max Cash (MMC) Vaiox and Cherry File is available for communication, file sharing, this with an extremely high level of security mm.
You can get help with websites and much more.

GoMarkets in the UK https://www.gomarkets.com.au/ is one of the leading companies in the global market for trading and is one of our partners.

Trading takes place on autopilot and not on the security of our clients, it can be compared with brokers who get paid to all trades regardless of the outcome so this is unique and creates a constant flow of capital. http://www.tradeunity.com/

To understand this concept as a whole and what it will mean for the future and that it will now shortly be a company that is here to stay and the project as everyone sought and hoped to find through the years online, we want to invite you to a private one to one conversation with Gerry Dekans right hand Kristof Schoels from Belgium

Gerry Dekans of the founder is also from Belgium and the company is registered in Dubai

We’ve been working with Gerry and Kristof with many private conversations are now over 1.5 years and we can guarantee you that the company and its owners and partners are of very high caliber and deliver what they promise.

So to get the correct understanding, I will try to get into a conversation with Kristof Schoels for you.

15 minutes of your time as an investment for the rest of your life.

Have a wonderful day!
skype me: intrexium

Join us



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The New Economy

Until the entry of The Internet into our lives the world economy was run by a small number of people that ruled in most sources of money.

These people hold most of the capital in the world, gaining an influence and political power.

The New Economy

The New Economy

These people work hard to maintain the status quo so as not to lose the power they have accumulated.

The Internet opened up a new world full of opportunities for creating a new economy that allows almost everyone one take part in it.

Old economy will not disappear from the world easily and without struggle and its influence is still significant in many parts of our lives, but we are beginning to feel the change.

A prominent example is the creation of the first encrypted currency, the Bitcoin. The goal was to create a currency that is not controlled by governments or major financial institutions such as banks.

Bitcoin is a striker mark the way for the creation of The New Economy and this process can no longer be stopped.

Fortunity Alliance Network

Fortunity Alliance Network

More and more people realize that they have an excellent opportunity to be part of the change and improve their quality of life.

We are currently witnessing a historic change that will affect the lives of many of us and for future generations.

One of the leading companies that will be a major player in the creation of the new economy is Fortunity Alliance Network (FAN).

To read more about FAN and the unique concept you can visit the website here.

The question is where do you see yourself, do you see yourself Observers or you take an active part in the process? You can join the future here

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Fan Concept Facts

Fan Concept Facts

Fan Concept Facts

Why should you choose FORTUNITY ALLIANCE NETWORK (FAN) as your last station?

Let´s take a look at some of the most important reasons why we think FAN is the best place for you.

Every year there are thousands of  new companies online, most of them are scams that disappears with our money after a  few months.

Unfortunately, this is often the case today. There are small numbers of companies that are staying online for more than one year, but often they don’t have good products so they are because of that forced to shut down.

What Is the Concept behind Fortunity Alliance Network (FAN)?


It is a concept with a radically new design, where a lot of client companies (partners) co-operate and give revenue to the members in FAN.

The idea was born many years ago and FAN started to work in 2013.

The owner of FAN Gerry Dekens from Belgium wanted to build his companies to be sustainable for many years.

FAN is planned and designed to be stable and sustainable for many years to come.


The partners pay part of the profits to FAN members.

In FAN there are many companies working together as partners. Using co-operation instead of competition, they are making higher profits. Part of these profits is paid out to the members in FAN.


The long-term stability and sustainability of FAN are secured.

If something goes wrong with one partnering  company we still have many of them in the co-operative circle of companies.

It is also always possible to replace the missing link with a new partner company. Because of that FAN can be sustainable over time.

In FAN we don’t buy our software or database from outside. Everything is built by one of our partner’s company


ABPSystems is a business development company based in Belgium. ABP is developing and building all the companies in FAN.

In FAN we have something for everyone.

In FAN you have a lot of partner companies with different niches and options, that the members can use and receive a revenue share from. As a member in FAN you are free to choose which partner company or activity you will profit from.


Everything is built with a deep thought about all important aspects:  market needs, security, design and much more.

The whole concept into the smallest detail should be legal, approved, secure and open for the members to study.

In FAN there is a variety of partner companies with all kinds of different niches. Because of this wide range of different niches and opportunities, FAN has the potential to offer everybody something to profit from.

Each company launch only when the products are ready.

The partner companies in FAN are launched only when their products are ready and when their business ideas have been thoroughly examined and approved.

The idea is to create many  companies for the stability of the co-operative circle of partners.

The stability and sustainability of the concept are guaranteed through this.

The companies bring to the market the best products and services.

Thorough examination and approval claims for the companies wanting to be partners in FAN is a guarantee for high-quality products and services.

Customers can join any partner company. When they   order products they get profit shares in FAN if they have joined as members.

In FAN you can choose from a lot of opportunities the ones you think will suit you best and will give you a good and durable  income.

There are plans for active and passive income.

You can take part in the activities and profit from the opportunities FAN offers in an active way eg by selling products or in a passive way eg by investing money.


Welcome to FAN

  • that everybody can profit from being active or passive.
  • that is open, fully legal, sustainable and reliable.
  • that offers you a wide range of companies and opportunities.
  • that unites multiple industries and companies in almost all niche markets and reaches all target audiences.
  • that can give you a secure and good income online.

Join our team

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What is the BEST way to make the RIGHT desition?

FAN Concept

FAN Concept

When you are Considering JOINING a business that seems to have GREAT potential to SUCCEED, but it looks too complicated for YOU and you fear that you will not understand everything, always REMEMBER that you do not have to know EVERYTHING on the first day. How many TIMES have you LOOKED at something you did not UNDERSTAND and after you’ve studied it YOU said to yourself how I did not UNDERSTAND that from the beginning?
You should also KEEP in mind that you do not have to KNOWEVERYTHING, there will always be SOMEONE who understand the business and they can HELP you.
When we DECIDED to join the FAN CONCEPT we saw TREMENDOUS potential in this business and therefore, WE didn’t care the WE don’t understand everything. The IMPORTANT thing is to JOIN a business when your GUT feeling tells you that THIS is GOOD business for you.
I encourage YOU to join us and TAKE part in building a BETTER future for YOUand your FAMILY.
Do not let little THINGS ruin a GREAT future!
Contact us for more information.

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Fortunityalliance | FAN

Fortunityalliance News

Fortunityalliance News

How many times you have taken the wrong decisions in your life?
How many times you join a business for the wrong reason?
How many times you have been scammed?
How many times you said that next time you will do a deep research before you will join any business again?
I know how many times it happened to me and I decided to put an end for it.
My partners and I have made a deep due diligence and checked all the aspects of a new business model before we decided to jump into it.
This time, I am sure we have taken the right decisions and we can see it as our new home!
I invite you to visit our page and take you own decision.

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