What is FAN?

What the FAN (Fortunity Alliance Network)?
FAN is a concept consisting of 15 different companies that all work together in the FAN concept http://www.fortunityalliance.com/
Here you choose what you like to work with if it is marketing, web, investment, trading, communication, etc.

Fan Concept

Fan Concept

You choose if you want to be active in any of the companies or perhaps all of the FAN or as we chose to do to be a passive investor in various parts of the concept
We work with the best experts in the world in the various companies that are now in the last 6 years alone now total 200 employees written all corporate codes from the beginning and has thus created a project that is now open in its entirety April 1, 2017 .

Many of the companies already acts as trade country, trade unity, nexitrade, Micro Max Cash (MMC) Vaiox and Cherry File is available for communication, file sharing, this with an extremely high level of security mm.
You can get help with websites and much more.

GoMarkets in the UK https://www.gomarkets.com.au/ is one of the leading companies in the global market for trading and is one of our partners.

Trading takes place on autopilot and not on the security of our clients, it can be compared with brokers who get paid to all trades regardless of the outcome so this is unique and creates a constant flow of capital. http://www.tradeunity.com/

To understand this concept as a whole and what it will mean for the future and that it will now shortly be a company that is here to stay and the project as everyone sought and hoped to find through the years online, we want to invite you to a private one to one conversation with Gerry Dekans right hand Kristof Schoels from Belgium

Gerry Dekans of the founder is also from Belgium and the company is registered in Dubai

We’ve been working with Gerry and Kristof with many private conversations are now over 1.5 years and we can guarantee you that the company and its owners and partners are of very high caliber and deliver what they promise.

So to get the correct understanding, I will try to get into a conversation with Kristof Schoels for you.

15 minutes of your time as an investment for the rest of your life.

Have a wonderful day!
skype me: intrexium

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vAIOx and Cherryfile News!

In April 1 all things will be official but right now I like to connect with you in Iriscall and vAIOx that is free and you will get a lot of benefits and will be ready with a huge team all by itself on the on the big day.
Until then, we can share files, talk, have meetings and conference calls and so on.
Join Iriscall FREE Today here http://test.iriscall.biz/html/index.html#007ff380ee5ac49ffc34442f5c2a2b86

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FAN Oppertunity

Today you as a private person are bombarded with lots of offers on the net and elsewhere all the time. In the past, let’s say 30 years ago, people got maybe a good offer once a year, that could change their life profoundly. They had time to think carefully, evaluate, compare and judge before they accepted or declined.


Fortunity Alliance Network

Today the time margins are very small. You have to make quick decisions and often there is little time to analyze and look into the various offers and make a decision. If you are planning to go into a business, you should of course first ask yourself a few key questions. Are there any SCAM alerts? How sustainable over time is the concept you look at? Is it likely, that you can work with it the rest of your life? How developable and safe is the concept? Who is in the leadership and how long has the concept been running? Is everything legal? Is it possible to get full access to the information you need.

Sometimes one gets the impression that in reality there is no longer any business online, that has all the positive qualities you want. Secure over time, legal and approved, flexible and suitable for everybody, very profitable, interesting and inspiring etc. But the future is already knocking on the door. A revolution and a new way of thinking is going on and is breaking through.

A lot of people have now discovered and joined a brand new concept Fortunity Alliance Network – (FAN). As a member of the FAN you have every opportunity to realize your dreams. Within FAN there is something for everyone. Everyone can work safely and securely in order to expand the business and adapt it to the wishes you have. There is no risk that FAN suddenly could disappear  because it is a network with numerous partner companies in various niches. If such a partner company is shut down, it is replaced by a new one.

This provides great safety and security. You are very welcome to join Fortunity Alliance Network and work together with us to realize your dreams and prosper in a safe and secure way.

Skype:  intrexium


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