Vaiox Update

Not just another brick on the wall!

VAIOX is all about connecting you and your space to all of your connections and their space. When talking about all-in-one, it’s not just about getting all your applications in one portal.

Everything we do today is connected. Not just connected to the net, but we share, we like, we collaborate, we co-operate, … So VAIOX also needs to be connected.

That’s why we launched CONNEX! All updates from your connections in one central place.

Vaiox communication platform

Vaiox communication platform

Filter in groups, filter in type of post and organise the updates from connections easily.

But if you want to post something yourself, make it interactive and make it personal. Don’t just post something, ask your audience for interactions. Cause after all, you want your time to mean something.

Oh, and… minor detail, just go and take a look, cause it’s a real slick design!

Have fun posting!

vAIOx is soon live

vAIOx is soon live

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